The cover art for Travis Scott’s single “The Plan” from Warner Bros. upcoming event feature Tenet dropped earlier this week. This Friday, 21 August, NBA on TNT will feature the hip-hop song, which is Scott’s first penned for a motion picture, with an exclusive look at Tenet (in SA cinemas on Friday, 28 August).

“The Plan” repped Scott’s first foray in writing film music, collaborating with Oscar winning composer Ludwig Göransson.

Christopher Nolan told GQ that the six-time Grammy nominee’s “voice became the final piece of a yearlong puzzle…his insights into the musical and narrative mechanism [composer] Ludwig Göransson and I were building were immediate, insightful, and profound.” Hmm, puzzle. Tenet we hear, in its twisting of time, has a leveled story structure, much like Inception. GQ described the track as “a brain-liquefying trip through time and space.” Both Tenet star John David Washington and Scott call the song in the clip below “fire”.

Göransson adds about working with Scott, “The way that he connects with art is not in a singular form. He has so many tentacles, and they’re all electric. So when we talk about feeling, [whether that’s] listening to a song or talking about a movie, he can visualize things in so many different fields. So it’s a very special ability. It’s like his own magic power.”

You can listen to a snippet of “The Plan” via @nbaontnt below:

Story courtesy of Deadline.